Aviation background

C-FWZZI was involved in aviation long before there were personal computers, the internet and cell phones. Managed quite well without them.

Presented here is a timeline of aviation activities:

  • 1970 – first flying lesson
  • 1972 – private pilot licence, night rating
  • 1973 – commercial pilot licence, multi-engine rating
  • 1974 – commercial multi-engine instrument rating – Class I
  • 1976 – Aircraft Maintenance Engineer licence M1, Shorts SD3-30 endorsement – maintenance
  • 1990 – de Havilland (Boeing at the time) Dash 8 endorsement – maintenance
  • 1992 – Fokker F-28 endorsement – maintenance
  • 1995 – Aircraft Maintenance Engineer licence M2 – structures / inspection authorization

It should be noted that I had to wait a while from check ride to licence issue for both private and commercial pilot licences as I was not old enough at the time of the rides. My private licence was issued on my seventeenth birthday and my commercial on my eighteenth.

The same thing for my initial AME licence. I had already put in the required training and practical time but had to wait a few months until I turned twenty one for the licence to be issued.

Something else that  has always intrigued me. You only have to be eighteen to fly the dang things commercially, but you have to be twenty one to sign them out. Hmm … interesting.


    1. Hi Mike – thanks for stopping by. I have just over 1,200 hours total time, the majority of which (1,000 +) is in the left seat of the fine Aztec that you see in the post.

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