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Probably too late for WordPress 4

But it should definitely be included in the next full point upgrade. What, you may ask? Why, something that should have, in my humble opinion, been part of the core since day one. And that is, the ability to set the sort order of each category. There are many times when the default descending sort…

Can’t wait for the public beta of eFront Pro

I have been playing around with the demo version of the next iteration of eFront and I cannot wait to get my hands on the public beta. According to their blog, this should become available sometime this fall. Check it out for yourself at eFront 4 demo. Log in: admin / admin

Why I ditched Joomla!

Yes, Joomla! remains in the header. Why? Because I have over 3,200 posts in the Joomla! ForumĀ and I still help out from time to time. Do I still use it? Not any longer. Why? Because I can’t figure out where they are going with it. Ever since Joomla! split into the two paths back in…
cPanel logo

cPanel – finally!

Well it’s about friggin time, Go Daddy! Sometime in late November of 2013, Go Daddy finally saw the light and switched over to cPanel from their home-rolled mess for their hosting control panel. Anyone who has had to suffer through the interminable slowness of their previous iteration of control panel will jump for joy. I…

Aviation background

I was involved in aviation long before there were personal computers, the internet and cell phones. Managed quite well without them. Presented here is a timeline of aviation activities: 1970 – first flying lesson 1972 – private pilot licence, night rating 1973 – commercial pilot licence, multi-engine rating 1974 – commercial multi-engine instrument rating –…
2 niner niner 2

2 niner niner 2 back to the way it was

Over the past year or so, has gone through a few changes in purpose and direction. Having gotten the other sites in order, it is time to get 2992 back to where it belongs: a general purpose blog that postulates about things e-Learning, WordPress, Joomla!, websites in general and, of course, aviation. Are you…

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