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cPanel logoWell it’s about friggin time, Go Daddy!

Sometime in late November of 2013, Go Daddy finally saw the light and switched over to cPanel from their home-rolled mess for their hosting control panel. Anyone who has had to suffer through the interminable slowness of their previous iteration of control panel will jump for joy. I know I did when I first witnessed the change.

I set up a new account for my sister and recommended she go with at least the Deluxe Linux shared plan. But what’s this? With cPanel? Could it really be the cPanel? Lo and behold it was. I was flabbergasted, to say the least. A nice, clean, modern skin to boot. And fast – for a Go Daddy shared Linux plan. Anyone’s for that matter, especially when compared to the original. This is what I am used to (from a few years at HostGator). I know my way around cPanel and can get things done ever so much quicker and easily.

But of course there has to be a fly in the ointment and that was their handling of sub domains. One can add as many sub domains to the primary domain (the one associated with the hosting account) as one wants and they are immediately available. Not so fast for any sub domains on Add On Domains. After many attempts to do so, I finally gave up and sent in a support ticket after following, to the letter, the updated help file on the matter. The speedy reply (less than 30 minutes) indicated that Go Daddy hasn’t quite gotten that process automated yet, as other hosts have. One has to go into the DNS record and add an A Record for the sub domain. Well isn’t that special. Glad you (didn’t) mention that anywhere in the documentation or updated help file. Rant aside, once that was easily done, the sub domains were immediately available.

All in all this is a welcome addition and one more reason why, despite all the ragging on them I see online, that I host with Go Daddy. It’s not that I haven’t tried others, I have. But they are hard to beat for domain names, notably for .ca ones. And when hosting is with them, the time to live is less than others I have previously used.

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    1. Nope. I checked. I had to cancel my existing shared Linux plan and buy a new one with cPanel. However, I was issued a pro-rated in-store credit for the existing plan so that worked out quite nicely.

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