Why I ditched Joomla!


Yes, Joomla! remains in the header. Why? Because I have over 3,200 posts in the Joomla! Forum and I still help out from time to time. Do I still use it? Not any longer. Why? Because I can’t figure out where they are going with it. Ever since Joomla! split into the two paths back in […]

cPanel – finally!

cPanel logo

Well it’s about friggin time, Go Daddy! Sometime in late November of 2013, Go Daddy finally saw the light and switched over to cPanel from their home-rolled mess for their hosting control panel. Anyone who has had to suffer through the interminable slowness of their previous iteration of control panel will jump for joy. I […]

Aviation background


I was involved in aviation long before there were personal computers, the internet and cell phones. Managed quite well without them. Presented here is a timeline of aviation activities: 1970 – first flying lesson 1972 – private pilot licence, night rating 1973 – commercial pilot licence, multi-engine rating 1974 – commercial multi-engine instrument rating – […]

2 niner niner 2 back to the way it was

2 niner niner 2

Over the past year or so, 2ninerniner2.com has gone through a few changes in purpose and direction. Having gotten the other sites in order, it is time to get 2992 back to where it belongs: a general purpose blog that postulates about things e-Learning, WordPress, Joomla!, websites in general and, of course, aviation. Are you […]

2 niner niner 2 redux

2 niner niner 2

Welcome to the latest iteration of the 2 niner niner 2 web site. For those who have visited the previous version, you will notice a dramatic shift in focus. I am no longer in the Joomla! and Artisteer biz. Prior to this switch to WordPress, it was the only Joomla! property remaining in my portfolio […]